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  • About Moles

    There are Two Types Most Common to Minnesota.  The Eastern mole and the Starnose mole.  

    The Eastern moles live underground in fields, lawns and meadows where their tunnels create snakelike ridges on the surface.  These tunnels generally kill grass and frustrate property owners.   The Starnose mole lives in wet areas in northern forests where they push up mounds of black soil.  They are named after the 22 pink tentacles on the tip of their nose which aid in detecting worms and insects. Both species feed on worms, which is 85% of their diet, and also on insects.  An average mole can consume more than 50 pounds of earthworms and other insects in a year!  


    A mole can excavate about 18 feet of new tunnels in one hour and they can travel thru existing tunnels at almost 80 feet per minute!  In the Spring, moles have their litters which vary in size from 2 to 6 youngsters.  While they may remove damaging insects and grubs from your lawn and garden, the burrowing disfigures lawns and parks and destroys flower beds, tears up the roots of grass and creates havoc in small garden plots.