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    There are four basic types of squirrels found in Minnesota.  Grey Squirrels.  Flying Squirrels.  Red Squirrels and the Chipmunk.


    Some or all of squirrels can carry diseases, fleas and ticks but the damage they cause is the biggest reason to rid your structure of them.  They can chew and enter thru your soffits, fascia, roof vents and other areas of the house or building.  Once inside, they can cause all types of problems.  They chew wood, wires, insulation, etc.  The chewing could cause water damage or even a fire.  Squirrels can also die of old age or other natural causes and if this happens in your walls, the very bad smell could make it necessary to remove sheetrock to get at the carcass.  

    When we exclude squirrels, depending on the circumstance, they can either be evicted and sealed out or captured, removed and relocated several miles away.